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Our Services

True worship is a heartfelt expression of love, adoration, admiration, fascination, wonder, and celebration. Genuine worship isn’t just singing songs and getting a good feeling in your heart. Genuine worship is seeing God for who He really is—His power, His greatness, His holiness, His sovereignty, His love, and His compassion.

As Christians, the Bible, along with God’s Holy Spirit, is to be our guide for life. Daily we need to search God’s truth for how to live, as well as how to become more and more like Christ. God’s Word is “living and active.” The Bible is God’s love letter to us!  It’s not just for studying to obtain knowledge, but it is our guide to knowing Him!

We offer two levels of classes: for the youngest believers that learn through play, storytelling, and drawing, our teachers create age-appropriate activities that connect their hearts and minds to God; and for the older believers, youngsters of middle and high school ages, that participate in meaningful group work that fosters their understanding of the Gospel.

About The Church

What We Believe

At The Answer Church we accept the truth of the Bible as the inspired Word of God. Each person’s salvation is through the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is our Healer and grants us baptism in the Holy Spirit. We believe the gifts of the Holy Spirit are for the Church today and those who are born of the Spirit should manifest the fruit of the Spirit. We also believe in the personal return of Jesus Christ to reign in power and glory forever.

Church Mission

To Exude the compassion, mercy, and the love of Jesus to all who are in need through interpersonal ministry. By way of our biweekly neighborhood outreach, our monthly food pantry distribution, and the propagation of the gospel, (both personally and through the social network), we desire to reach the unreachable and love the unlovely in the metropolitan Hollywood area and to provide a place of worship, family, and unity for believers of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

For the Answer Church to be a SPIRITUAL lighthouse in the city of Hollywood and to be the answer to those who are questioning life’s truth. To see the youth and young children become part of God’s loving family. To see the “down and out” be raised by the power of the Lord and come to know Christ as their Savior. To teach a balance of Spiritual disciplines and practical learning principles that will enable us to live out the Gospel among our neighbors.

Latest Videos

Take Me To Church

I am Pastor Larry and I want to invite you to The Answer Church. Maybe you have been invited before, perhaps you’ve tried praying or have even gone to church but something had happened that made you lose faith along the way. I know that our daily walk of life is never easy, but I want to share some good news with you. No matter what you’re going through, regardless of what your struggle is, how dark the journey you’re travelling today, Jesus says to you, “I am the way and the truth and the life.” He knows exactly the battle you’re fighting and wants you to know that complete transformation is possible! 

Many years ago, He transformed my life, and standing before you today, I can tell you that I am a different man than I was then living a life that I couldn’t even fathom before. If out of His grace, He did this for me, God can do the same or greater for you! He is not asking that you change first, He simply asks you to believe in His power to transform you, and He will do the rest. Come to Him in faith and ask Him to change your life, and do not doubt for a second that He will!